5 steps to kick you into acting shape

For the first blog post (*gulp*) we’re going to be looking at what you can do as a professional actor in between jobs to keep yourself in shape and be ready for when those auditions come in!

1. Routine (…a 5,6,7,8) 

Get up early. If you have a day job, so much the better. If you don’t, make a habit of getting up and doing something with your mornings. I always say it’s so easy to fall into bad habits and so much harder to fall out of them.

Personally, I like flexible work built around a 9-5 schedule. It keeps me grounded. It means I’m up early, earn the dolla all day and have my evenings free to work on all things acting or for downtime. Do try to schedule in relaxation periods… having time to myself has done wonders for my peace-of-mind and motivation levels.

2. Treat your body like a temple

Okay, so I’m not suddenly going to be advocating nothing but salads and tofu here, but it does pay off to be healthy. Eating nothing but microwave food is great for the student life, not for the working actor’s.

The key is balance. Anyone who knows me knows there’s nothing I like better than a massive slice of pizza, which I sometimes have too (and completely guilt-free at that!) just not every day. Balance those all-important food groups, get enough sleep, do the exercise you enjoy and you’ll be ready for anything an audition throws at you.

3. Watch everything with an analytical eye

Yes, watching movies is fun, but it can also be super useful! Look at actors you admire and think about why they’re so good; how are they expressing themselves? How do they manipulate their voice to show particular emotions? What research have they done for the part? Once you start cultivating the knowledge, you’ll understand how to improve your own performances too.

Also, like with the theatre, note every CD, director, producer that you like, then look them up to see what else they’ve cast, directed or produced.

4. Go to Spotlight & Equity events

Just because you’ve finished training, doesn’t mean you stop learning! Spotlight hosts open houses two or three times a year that are stuffed full to bursting with free training opportunities like puppetry workshops, voice coach workshops, Q&As with casting directors just for us!

5. Practice!

Make a self-tape, learn a new monologue, record yourself singing or set up a mock audition room with your friends and ask each other some typical auditions questions.

The best part is, these are all things you can do for free that will help you in the future. Get cracking!


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