What to pack for a London audition

Ah, the trusted audition bag. Here, I’m going to let you in on what I take with me when I go for a London audition.

Photo by Lum3n.com.

1. A copy of the script/ songs you’ve been asked to prepare
Be the prepared actor that CDs like to see. Bring your own copies of everything, even if you’re off book.

2. Audition book.
My baby. My bible. My audition book has the key dates, times and location written in it way before I head out the door (it’s always good to be prepared in case your phones dies). After the audition (preferably straight away) I write down who I met, what I performed, how I felt, anything I thought went well/badly, what I wore, how I did my hair and any other relevant info. Always make a note of this in case you get a recall!

3. Repertoire
Even if it’s not a MT audition, you never know when you’re going to need to whip out a song or two!

4. Spare CV/ headshot
I actually keep these in the back of my repertoire so that I only need to remember one thing when leaving the house.

5. Water bottle
So, so, so necessary.

Photo by i love simple beyond.

6. Snacks
There can be a lot of waiting around and you don’t want a loud, rumbling stomach in the middle of your audition.

7. Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash
For when mints just won’t hack it.

8. A book, magazine, your chosen poison
Auditions are full of waiting, so take something that’s going to keep you entertained.

9. Earphones
For drowning out background noise and listening to prepared songs/ scripts.

Photo by Pixabay.

10. A thick scarf
Great for warming your voice up if you don’t like making lots of noise in the audition room. Do exercises into the scarf – it muffles the sound but you’re still able to warm up!

Auditioning further away? Post on what to pack for an out-of-town audition coming soon…


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